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NEW Iray for Maya Release 2.2

Maya 2.2 is here! We are happy to share with you the new user guide and detailed release notes below.

The new User Guide can be download here:
Iray For Maya 2.2 User Guide

The new Release Notes can be download here:
Iray For Maya 2.2 Release Notes 

The new features we have added include:

  • NEW: Maya 2019 support
  • NEW: Advanced dome settings
  • NEW: Decals
  • NEW: Support of OpenEXR compression methods DWAA (lossy) and DWAB (lossy)
  • NEW: MDL module export
  • NEW: Improved Reality Server export
  • NEW: Command line bucket rendering
  • NEW: ifmSwitcher

NOTE: Be aware that because of some changes in the Maya SDK the performance in the Maya Render View is not so fast as it is in Maya 2018.

See our previous update 2.1

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