Iray rendering plugin for Rhino

If you’re a McNeel Rhinoceros user looking for a plugin renderer that gives you high quality rendering directly in the viewport then Iray for Rhino is for you. Using Iray for Rhino will give you continual, realistic feedback as you change aspects of your model and define lighting schemes and materials.

As Iray for Rhino uses NVIDIA’s Iray technology, it gives you access to physically-based materials, lighting and environments and can be easily scaled across multi-GPU workflows. And its ease of use means that whether you’re an experienced Rhino user, or you’re just starting out on your design journey, you’ll be able to create astonishing rendering results within minutes.

Here for a 30 day free trial? Head on over to the Try page, fill in the details where you will receive your trial period.


Do you want to see what you could create in Iray for Rhino? Take a look at the Gallery right here

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