Iray Server network rendering

Want to reduce your render times and streamline your workflow? Iray Server will co-ordinate a cluster of networked machines to achieve exactly that. Improving your workflow has never been easier, thanks to Iray Server.





How does Iray Server Work?

It uses a common installation and license to deliver traditional, offline batch rendering, and interactive rendering to all NVIDIA Iray plugin products, without the need to install any other application.

All machines running Iray Server coordinate with each other to reduce the time needed to render an image. This allows a render farm to process poster-size images, in a fraction of the time of a single machine. A browser-based management console gives flexible control over submitted jobs with the ability to adjust and re-run past jobs.

Iray Server also speeds up your creative process by bridging to your Iray application, and streaming back the rendered results as you manipulate your scene. Even a modest laptop can operate Iray at the speed of your most powerful Professional GPU rendering rig.

Iray Server is available on Windows and Linux, seamlessly coordinating with Iray client machines regardless of their operating system.

Iray Server Features

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