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Iray for 3ds Max version 1.8 is now available for download

 Iray for 3ds Max version 1.8 is now available for download. This release upgrades the underlying Iray engine to the latest 2018.0.1 version and has the following changes:


  • AI Denoiser now works better with bright highlights
  • AI Denoiser now works with HDR images
  • Added Bloom post-processing filter
  • Added Backplate Mesh option for geometry
  • Added new Iray for 3ds Max toolbar for quick access to dialogs and features
  • Bitmap cropping/placement parameters are now supported
  • Enabled binary compression for MI/IVM export resulting in faster re-load times
  • Stereo spherical camera parameters are now correctly communicated to Iray Sever
  • Multi/Sub-object material now correctly marked as compatible with Iray+
  • Fixed a crash when launching non-English version of 3ds Max with the plugin installed
  • Iray+ Colour Correction map now has all parameters exposed
  • Fixed a bug where Iray+ procedural map previews were broken in 3ds Max 2019

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