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NEW 3ds Max Release 2.0

The release notes are as follows:

  • Upgraded to Iray 2018.1.2
  • Added new Iray+ Frame Buffer 
  • Extended Lighting Analysis options and enabled them for Production renders 
  • Added Anti-Aliasing filter controls
  • Can now set the viewport wireframe colour of Iray+ lights
  • Viewport now shows the effect of Iray+ lights' colour temperature (select 'High Quality' to see this)
  • Added Firefly and Bloom filter to the network render information
  • Improved Active Shade update performance when editing light parameters when using IES profiles
  • Cloning an Iray+ light as a "Copy" now works correctly when using IES profiles
  • Renders now show correct illuminance values when the tone mapper is disabled
  • Fixed bug with the calculation of "Offset" values in 3ds Max texture maps when loading an Iray+ or MDL material
  • Fixed bug where final render update could be lost, particularly when rendering animations
  • Fixed potential bugs when converting Forest Pack materials
  • Fixed bug where textures could be lost when using the Resource Collector
  • Fixed bug where LPE layers could become unselected after editing
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