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Superb HDR aerial environment maps that work flawlessly with Iray

"After more than 20 years in the CG industry producing images with Maya, one of the most remarkable improvements I experienced was the day I beta-tested and used the newly developed version of Iray."

"It was in 2016.  I was a long time Mental Ray user with no other option for rendering image after image to fine tune a texture - the only possible workflow!  Then, suddenly, with Iray, IPR was functional and snappy, every parameter, lighting or camera change was instantly recalculated by Iray.  I mean it when I say Iray boosts your productivity by 10 fold.  Today, refining a texture is a question of minutes when it took hours or days before.  Since that day, I haven’t looked back, rendering 100% of my production in Maya with Iray."

Jean-Christophe Erny - Owner of Eridia Studio"


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