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NEW Iray Server 2.57



• The hardware h264 decoder will now log a warning instead of an error if creating the encode context fails. An error will only be output if the software decoder fallback fails. Also removed a wrong warning when closing a render context that failed to initialize.

• Fixed bug where Iray Server crashed during startup if the $HOME env variable was not de?ned (Linux only).

• Fixedbugwhereincrementalsnapshots (whenrenderingjobs withanimations)mightbeloaded from the wrong cache under certain circumstances.

• The hardware h264 encoder now choose the most capable GPU to do hardware encoding when auto selecting, instead of just the one that happens to have the highest ordinal.

• Fixed bug where streaming sessions over wss were not closed correctly on the server meaning that the second time a streaming session was opened it would be rejected since one was already ongoing.

• Fixed upload hang bug triggeredby scenes with a very largenumber of elements. The upload to Iray Server would hang while waiting for cache status requests since the communication with the cache stopped working on the server side.

• Fixed a problem where uploading a huge scene to the Iray Server could cause the connection to time out and disconnect because of starvation.

• Fixed a problem where creating and committing a neuray transaction during a lengthy upload would not ?nish until the upload completes. Now the transaction commits immediately, unless bridge jobs are executed in that transaction.

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