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Working on a job with multiple users having access? You can be safe in the knowledge that automatic cluster configuration will occur between all devices with Iray server installed, keeping all users informed and up-to-date with a particular job. Multiple independent clusters can be easily configurable on the same network, allowing complete transparency for all users involved. Having complete control over cluster configurations means that image creation times significantly reduces, making your workflow much more efficient.


A flexible render queue management system is just one way Iray server streamlines your workflow to make the entire process much easier. Submitting jobs is now a quick, yet error free job; submitting your job does not need to take into account asset location, project naming or previously submitted jobs. You can enhance the quality of your render by making incremental updates as you go along with your project, whilst being able to see the progress made on remote devices.
It isn’t just your current jobs that Iray server is optimised for, your previous jobs are also supported. You can make changes to past jobs without the need to re-submit your whole project, making the management of your workflow much more effective. Iray server really is the fastest, effective approach to Iray rendering across multiple Iray plugins (Iray for Maya, Iray for 3ds Max and Iray for Rhino).