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We are still at a very early stage in the life of the new Iray plugins website. We want to ensure elements of the website are of the highest quality to facilitate the development of the community and your ability to get involved. At this early stage, we have compiled the more frequently asked questions we have received from yourselves. Whilst not many, we feel these are crucial answers that need to be answered:

I've updated to Iray+ 1.6 and my graphics cards are no longer detected. What should I do?
A recurring problem we have seen throughout the early stages of the new Iray website. Not to worry - if you update your NVIDIA drivers to the latest version, your graphics card should become visible.

I am a student; are there any available free student licenses that I can download for Iray for Rhino?
We unfortunately are not currently offering the opportunity to provide free student licenses. This maybe something we implement in the near future, but we really want to stress that this is only a possibility and is not a definite plan of action moving forward.

Moving forward, what will be the plan for new releases? Will there be a set plan for updates?Iray for Rhino will always be looking at ways to improve the design build as we move into 2018. There isn't a solid plan in place where new releases will be determined on a regular basis. Having said that, we have just released a new design build (Iray for Rhino 1.5.331). The release notes are listed below:

  • -Update to Iray 2017.1.4 build 296300.6298
  • -Retrained AI Denoiser
  • -Rhino 6 support

Does it run on Rhino 6?

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