15.3.3 Time offset attributes

Time Offset section of the ifmSolarConfiguration Attribute Editor
The Time Offset section is designed to make daylight animations easier.
Specifies the time offset in days.
Specifies the time offset in hours.
Specifies the time offset in minutes.
Specifies the time offset in seconds.
Specifies the factor to be multiplied to the other attributes in the Time Offset section. The result will be added to the time set in the Date / Time section. This attribute is meant to be keyframed.
The date in the Date / Time section is set to 01.04.2014 (1st of April 2014), 12:00:00, Time Zone 2.
If in the Time Offset section the values are set to Days = 0, Hours = 0, Minutes = 5, Seconds = 0 and Multiplier = 1. The sun is set to the positon 01.04.2014 (1st of April 2014), 12:05:00, Time Zone 2.
If the Multiplier is set to 2, the time will be 12:10:00. A value of 3 results in 12:15:00.