11.2.1 Sun attributes

Sun section of the ifmHoskeSkylight node
Sets the intensity of the sun. The default value of 1. In combination with the default value for Surface Temperature this gives a realistic sun simulation.
Surface Temperature
Defines surface temperature of the sun in Kelvin. The default value is 5788 which is the correct value of our sun.
Defines the vertical position of the sun in degree. Setting this to 0 aligns the middle of the sun with the horizon. Setting this to 90 the sun is perpendicular to the ground.
Defines the horizontal position of the sun in degree. When setting this attribute to 0 the sun will shine from the +X axis to the -X axis when the Maya World Coordinate System is set to Up axis: Y.
Add solar configuration
Connects the solar configuration node to the ifmHosekSkylightShape. The solar configuration node sets the sun position to a specified location and daytime. For more information, see the section “ifmSolarConfiguration