5.2.3 Queue Manager attributes for scene submission

After a connection is established, the Queue Manager's user interface looks identical for Quadro VCA and Iray Server.
Note: When submitting a Maya scene to Iray Server, it is important to know that only the active render layer will be submitted. The Queue Manager will ignore the regular Maya behaviour of Render Layers. This means it doesn't matter if a Render Layer is marked as renderable or not; the Queue Manager will submit the Render Layer which is selected in the Channel Box Render tab.
Sets a name for the scene that is used to identify the render job in the render queue. This name has nothing to do with the Maya scene name and can be different.
Predefines a priority for the render job. Smaller values are higher priorities. This priority can later be changed using the Iray Server render queue user interface. Please check the Iray Server documentation for details.
Image Format
Defines output image format.
Note: When using the Queue Manager the settings for the output image format are different than using command line rendering or Batch Render. The resulting image may differ from images you render with command line rendering or Batch Render.
Sets the render resolution defined in the Render Settings window to the selected percentage. This is usefull when doing fast preview renderings to have a fast access to the resulting resolution.
 Sends the actual scene to the Iray Server render queue.
Note: Sending doesn't mean that the render queue will be started. You need to go to the Iray Server render queue user interface to start the queue. Starting the render queue can't be performed from Maya. See the Iray Server documentation to learn more about the Iray Server render queue.