• 3 Physically-based scene setup with Iray

3 Physically-based scene setup with Iray

 Rendering by Lee Henshall
Setting up a scene for physically-based rendering in Maya isn't that much different than setting up a scene for any other renderer. Anyhow there are some work flow issues to consider. This topic tries to give an introduction to some topics. It doesn't claim to cover everything but hopefully will give some useful hints.
Beside the way how specific objects should be modelled to create correct results for glass or embedded volumes it is necessary to understand some major differences to traditional render approaches. First off all you must be aware that Iray Photoreal always renders every lighting effect like direct illumination, indirect illumination, caustics, etc. There is no additional set up necessary. The only limiting factor here is the attribute Max. Path Length in the Render Settings window. See the chapter “Render Settings” for details.