13.1.6 Measured material (AxF)

Iray for Maya 2.0 supports measured materials created by X-Rite. Iray can render materials stored in the AxF file format, version 1.2 and higher. The supported AxF material representations are SVBRDF and CP2 (Carpaint) with farfield look only (no Flakes). These files are produced by devices such as the TAC7 scanner from X-Rite and regarded in the same way as MDL materials.
You must store AxF files in a directory that is accessible from MDL file paths. The recommended path is C:\Users\username\Documents\mdl in a subdirectory called axf. AxF files stored in this path are displayed in the browsing area of the ifmMDLMaterial as shown in the following figure:
AxF files in the ifmMDLmaterial node