17.1 ifmSpecial

When rendering a scene it may happen that you get the following error message in the Maya Output Window:
rend warn : Problematic geometry found in object AMPPDGCGAAAAAAAAICBAAAAAAAAA
Usually you can ignore this message because the scene renders without a problem. But if you need to know which geometry is declared as problematic you need to translate the Iray database name back to the name given in Maya. This can be done using the Mel command ifmSpecial.
ifmSpecial has two options:
-on StringFromMayaOutputWindow
Prints the original name given in Maya in the Script Editor
-s StringFromMayaOutputWindow
Selects the object directly
The Iray database names are different after a Maya restart, [File ➤ New] or reopening a scene.
Make sure that you are in the Mel-section of the Script Editor. To figure out which object is declared as problematic type:
The output in the Script Editor should look something like this
tube_srf_5Shape //
To select the object directly in Maya type: