• 4 IFM Control Box

4 IFM Control Box

The IFM Control Box is a user interface to grant fast feedback to the Iray specific Rendering Editors. Also it gives quick access to the different canvases and enables a quick preview for gamma and exposure settings. In addition it gives the user the choice to select between local and cloud rendering.
By default the IFM Control Box appears in the same place where the Channel Box is located. It can be torn off like any other Maya panel.
4 IFM Control Box
IFM Control Box icon in the Status Line
To get fast access to the IFM Control Box the IFM icon in the upper right corner of the Maya window can be used. This icon is part of Maya's Status Line, so make sure that this UI element is visible.
Note: The settings in the IFM Control Box do not affect the result of the rendered image.
 IFM Control Box