7.1 Batch rendering

To use the Batch Render from the Maya main menu it is necessary to select the Iray Photoreal or Iray Interactive in the Render Settings or in the Render View window first. When this is done select from the main menu [Rendering ➤ Render ➤ Batch Render]. Click on the square beside Batch Render to open the Option Box.
Batch Render GUI
Select the render resource to use with the batch render. When choosing Batch render and close or Batch render Iray will start rendering the current scene as an independet process. The actual settings set in the Render Settings window will apply to the rendered scene. The log file is by default written to the path where the Maya preferences and projects are stored. This is by default C:\Users\username\Documents\maya on Windows and $HOME/maya on Linux. The log file is stored by default in a file named mayaRenderLog.txt.