6.3.2 Ambient occlusion attributes

Iray tab when Iray Interactive is selected
Occlusion Mode
This setting only affects the Ambient Occlusion output canvas.
Type diffuse
The setting corresponds to the common diffuse ambient occlusion calculation, which integrates the visibility weighted by the cosine of the direction and the normal over the hemisphere.
Type environment
This settings lights the scene under the actual environment used in the scene. The environment-guided ambient occlusion results in a color output.
Controls the intensity of additional ambient lighting.
Falloff max Distance
Distance beyond which potential occlusion does not influence result of ambient lighting and ambient occlusion.
Falloff min Distance
Distance below which all potential occlusion fully influences result of ambient lighting and ambient occlusion.
Falloff Exponent
Exponent to be used for weighting the occlusion value between Falloff min and max distance. The default 1 blends linearly.
Falloff Distance Space
Defines whether the Falloff min and max Distance values correspond to world space or raster space.