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Thread: Socket Write Operation failed

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    Angry Socket Write Operation failed

    Hello, I have setup a trial Iray-Server on a Windows 10 Pro machine with 12GB Memory and a GTX1660 (6GB) GPU. The Client is running DAZ 4.12
    I can connect via Bridge to the Iray Server, however, some minutes after the submission of the job I always get the warn: Socket write operation failed and then Disconnected peer.....
    Just seconds befor this happens, I can see the memory consumpion on the server going constantly up, so I presume this is an "Out of memory" error...
    But what can I do? I have tried to limit the "cm-water-high" parameter to 8192 / 4096 but to no avail.....

    So do I need more memory? I just want to see, if the Iray-Server is working before I purchase a license.

    Thanks in advance


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    If you go to the Resources tab in the web interface you can see the option to download the log files. This will likely reveal whether there was a memory related issue, which would not be out of the question and we have had other users with DAZ3D scenes use up memory pretty quickly. The cache watermark settings probably won't help much since these just relate to garbage collection and when it happens. The logs should reveal more about what is actually going wrong though.

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