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Thread: Iray for Maya compared to Iray for DazStudio

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    Default Iray for Maya compared to Iray for DazStudio


    I use Iray with DazStudio which creates excellent quality renderings.

    I would like to know if with Iray for Maya we can have renderings of the same quality as Iray for DazStudio.

    In addition, I would like to know if from DazStudio there is a way to fully export the materials for Maya (diffusion, bump, specular, alpha, transparency, reflectance)

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    Hi Mario!

    Both Iray for DazStudio and Iray for Maya are using the same Iray core. This means that both can render the same images. However, the integrations of Iray into DazStudio and Maya differ and may focus on different use cases.

    Iray materials are based on MDL (Material Description Language). The MDL files for DazStudio materials can be used in Iray for Maya. Furthermore most Iray integrations support exporting MDL presets of materials (I think there is something like saving shader presets in DazStudio), which can be used with the Iray for Maya node ifmMDLMaterial.

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