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Thread: I would pay a lot more for iray if it was supported.

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    Default I would pay a lot more for iray if it was supported.

    Developers, please give iray a little love. There is some really beautiful things that iray does that makes the workflow really enjoyable.

    What I don't understand, is how iray can be incorporated into some major programs like -

    SOLIDWORKS Visualization
    Substance Designer
    Das studio
    Plus more......

    How can these companies invest in iray and it be so incompatible with mainstream plugins in the 3ds max word?? I feel like because 3ds max dumped iray from one of their default renders, that the development team are like "what's the point?"

    I can honestly say I would pay more for this renderer if it have just a bit more support.

    Iray, I challenge you to do a survey to you existing customers, see if user would pay more if you included some support for some major plugins?

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    I have been using iray from almost the beginning. Over the years I have bought a lot of serious Nvidia cards and have no regrets for going up the GPU trail. I am 70 this year and our business has done well for the last 20 years because of iray. I intend to continue to work , I love it and it is fun. I just need a little support and I might add we do serious work. some of our clients are Daimler, Microsoft, Lynden, etc.
    we want to support you .. John

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