i have 4 gtx 1080ti with xenon processor and X99E WS mobo. i have been crashing ever since an update on this machine from windows 7 pro to windows 10 pro. at least once a day. i had multiple monitors, then down to 1 monitor, still crashing. updated nvidia drivers several times (gaming drivers) both with and without geforce experience. the last two weeks it's been horrible. crashing 2-6 times a day. not just within 3ds max or using irayplugin. in windows, just after it would startup, in photoshop, opening any program etc...

the error was a complete windows 10 lock up, then a dpc-watchdog error, and in the minidump reference to nvidia dll or nvidia sys file. if i can post a link to an article and my discussion questions below (grue3d) https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/su...ent-4828626041

the cards were set to IRQ requests instead of MSI interrupts. instead of running the exe the author provided, i dug a little further and found posts in guru3d website about adjusting the registry in windows to force MSI interrupts. there is a link to guru3d forums in the discussions by a person named Padi. and yes, this is all really 2 year problems, but apparently it was not a problem for me since i was using windows 7 and didn't upgrade to windows 10 until end of january.

knock on wood, but it seems to have fixed the problem! i've been running all afternoon with two dell monitors and a sony 75" tv plugged into one card and using max and iray interactive. no problems so far.

one issue is, that if you update your videocard drivers to a new release, then you have to re-do all the registry settings.