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Thread: IRay Server License says expired

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    Default IRay Server License says expired


    We have a user who is unable to submit jobs on our desktop in which we have iRay Server installed. It was just purchased in April 2019 and when we try to launch the iRay server it says the license expired 19 days ago. The count does not change it continues to say 19 days. I contacted sales as this is who we went through to purchase this and was directed to these forums.

    I included our order number as well. Would our user not be able to submit jobs because of this saying expired?
    I used the license key that was provided with the order and tried to do the online activation in which is says the license is in use.

    Assistance needed please

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    Please contact with your license details if you have not already done so. It may be that your system identifier has changed (this can happen sometimes with Windows updates), we can reset your activation so you can re-activate but we'll need to know your key, however this should not be posted in the forum so please send that by email.

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