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Thread: İray Server on google cloud vm

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    Default İray Server on google cloud vm

    I want use iray server on google cloud vm.I installed iray server on my vm using.I can access the server through my browser.I did cornell test it works fine.When I tried to add jobs from daz from my local computer it gave me a bridge queue error the connection failed please check the server adress.Then installed daz studio on my vm.When I tried to add jobs from there it gave me the same error.I can add jobs from my local daz to server which I created in my local computer.But when I try the same thing in my vm.I get the same error.Anyone can help about that?

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    Currently running with in a VM is not a supported function of Iray Server unfortunately. We do offer cloud Iray Server instances through Nimbix, there is a video on Youtube for using these with DAZ3D.

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