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Thread: How to submit a render task to Iray+ Server using MaxScript

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    Question How to submit a render task to Iray+ Server using MaxScript

    Are there MaxScript commands exposed (or C#.NET) for submitting a render task to the Iray+ Server server queue, using 3sdmax 2018

    I need to render high volumes (30.000) of low resolution images in a lot of materials and I cannot do this manually.

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    Yeah, will be nice to see if this is possible through MaxScript.

    Between, you want to send 30k scenes to Iray Server?
    Is not a better solution to create scenes with 500 or 1k frames and send those scenes as animation to Iray Server? It will be better manageable at the end.

    In this situation probably I will go with animation setup with MaxScript and less Max scenes.

    Now if you want at the end to have 30k renders - you will get in Iray Server 30k jobs and the same amount of folders.
    Just thinking ...


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    Hej Nik,

    I get where you're going, but that will not be possible. I won't be putting all 30k in all at once .

    The company I work for makes a big range of products (our catalog contains about 100k unique items). My colleagues are digitizing them on the go in CAD (parameterized). Then I create all possible variations (size, material, etc) and render the images using 3dsmax.
    This has been an going on for about 5 years until my graphics card broke down a few weeks ago and the new one (with RTX) wouldn't use the classic Iray anymore and I had to switch to Iray+ . Backburner is useless so I was looking for an alternative in Iray+ Server.

    Putting all those 3D-models in 1 animation and assigning materials to them before sending a batch to Iray Server would kill 3dsmax and my render server I think.

    The seperate folders are no issue, I use C#.NET to control input and output of data and files ... I'll just move them to the correct folder on a NAS automatically.

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