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Thread: Multiple renders under single job name

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    Default Multiple renders under single job name

    Is there any way to combine Job folders to have multiple images save under the same folder? If I try to repeat the Job Name, it adds a (#) to the end of the name.

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    Unfortunately not, result folders are job based and jobs must have a unique name. Jobs can render multiple images however the application you're submitting the job from would need to support that.

    We have for some customers for whom we build some fairly advanced job processing scripts which you configure on the Settings page at the bottom. That is a script, program or batch file which runs whenever a job is completed. It receives some parameters about the job, so if you follow a naming convention you can use this to put information in the job names which your script can pick up, for example to move things into a common folder. This obviously requires some development on your end though.

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