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Thread: Faster handling of curves/large numbers of objects

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    Default Faster handling of curves/large numbers of objects

    I'm working on models where I have reference materials that are imported drawings with precisely a gazillion(50K) curves, such that the time for iRay to initialize all those objects makes it impossible to use. I know that curves can be rendered with curve thickening, so maybe it does really need to churn through all of them, but is there anything that could be done? It's not hard to run into this situation, and V6 with a decent video card is orders of magnitude better than V5 was at displaying five-digit object counts, so it's like iRay is the only reason these garbage files I have to work with are actually a problem, and there's no good workaround.

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    Do you have an example scene (or a contrived similar one) you can share which reproduces the issue. I imagine we are having to at least touch the curves regardless of whether they are used in order to check if they have piping enabled or not to determine if we want to render them so I don't think there is any way to eliminate processing curves all together (at least not while also supporting piping). A good example which we can look at in the debugger while waiting to process would be helpful.

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