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    Default Swap material

    I'd like to see a function the material editor to swap out one material for another, to change all object/layer assignments from one to another in one step.


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    On thing you can do is right click on the material and go to 'Used with', then at the bottom of that menu is a select all. After that you can right click another material and assign to selection to replace the material on those objects. That obviously won't also change the layer selections though.

    You can potentially achieve some of what you want as well though scripting. The IrayMaterial command does allow programmatic assignment of materials. Just testing this now I noticed that however when you type the command it does not print out the actions it takes where as the others do. I've taken a look through the code and can see we support these actions (which you can type after the command).

    * SetTexture
    * SetTextureBump
    * SetFunction
    * SetMaterial
    * SetConstant
    * Create
    * CreateAssign
    * Delete
    * Assign

    The first ones there are more about setting things on the material while the later are related to the assignment and creation. Using these options you may be able to script something to help optimise your workflow.

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