We are happy to announce a new update for Iray for Rhino 1.5 for Rhino 5 and 6. This is a significant release and has the following changes:

  • Update to Iray RTX 2019.1.3 with full support for RT Core ray-tracing hardware.
  • Fixed crash when switching on and off viewport rendering after completing a production render.
  • It is now possible to use MDL materials as photometric lights to bypass the cumbersome Rhino lights system.

Obviously those of you with RTX cards will be quite interested in this update. We would recommend reading our article explaining RTX performance in Iray if you have such hardware.


The third item is quite a significant workflow enhancement for people who use scenes with a lot of light sources. We have always supported emissive materials but the issue previously was that you could not edit the light profile parameters of these, so you couldn't change the .ies file assigned to them. This is now possible.

What this opens up is the possibility to assign an emissive materials with .ies profiles to surfaces. So for example if you assign such a material to a disc that would have been similar to an area source it will then act like a light. Why does this matter? I think a few users are probably already ahead of us here while you're reading this, what that means is you can put that geometry into a block, something you can't do with a light in Rhino. This then allows you to instance the block around, a light together with its geometry.

Please note you may require a driver update to use this release. This is important as the RTX functionality uses functions from the new drivers and will not work otherwise. You can obtain the update through the regular Buy/Try links on the website:

Buy: https://www.irayplugins.com/iray-for-rhino/buy.php
Try: https://www.irayplugins.com/iray-for-rhino/try.php

Please post any issues to the forum. Most users should update to this release as soon as possible.