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Thread: Realistic iRay skin shader?

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    Default Realistic iRay skin shader?

    I have been using DAZ Studio for quite some time and have recently switched to Maya with IFM.

    What I can't seem to find is a shader for human skin, or how to compose one. Is there a thread regarding this somewhere?
    I've searched, but didn't find much.
    I can convert the material of an imported DAZ figure to Arnold materials, but not to iRay.

    iRay rendered DAZ figures in DAZ usually look super realistic. Can this be achieved in Maya with IFM as well?

    Thanks and my apologies if this is super noob or has been asked before.


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    Hi Kay,

    all materials in Iray are defined using NVIDIA's MDL (material description language). This means that in principle the same materials can be used in Iray for Maya and in DAZ Studio getting the same results.

    I never used DAZ Studio, therefore I just can give you a hint. You should check if you can export MDL and/or there are mdl files in the program folder of DAZ Studio. If so, half way is done and I can help you how you get it into Iray for Maya.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for the reply!

    I'll take a look and see if the DAZ shaders can be exported as MDL. There is a plugin for DAZ that can convert the DAZ materials to Arnold. I wonder if that might help.
    Part of the realism of the skin tones in DAZ is that subsurface scattering is being used to make skin look not so much like it's made of plastic.

    I admit that I'm baffled that there are dozens and dozens of wood, plaster and all kinds of other shaders available, but nothing for human skin as far as I can tell.
    Just seems odd.

    I'll see what I can find. Thanks again!

    - Kay

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