Basically I'm looking for options for IRAY for Max 2015.
A little BG....
I'm an old guy, semi retired, was a paid max user of 2 seats since discrete 3dstudio R1 dos. I semi retired a few years back and have PSLs for max 2015. still have 2015, 2014, and 2012 (32bit) installed for access to older projects. When the industry decided to move to "pay to play rentware" I decided to bail from MAX and Adobe (have 2 seats CS6 master collection). For what I still do it works for me and if the "really big" job comes that would pay for and upgrade I would think about it. I recently upgraded my laptops to M5000m to take better advantage of IRAY. Obviously both Nvidia and Autodesk bailed on IRAY. Neither Max 2014 or 2012 support Maxwell or pascal nvidia cards so I was looking into IRAY+ but now I here that Autodesk has continued their practice of constantly making last years version of thirdparty software obsolete and the new owners of IRAY have decided to only support the last 3 versions. I'm not sure how that works since anyone using pay to play max is either out of business or paying for/using the current version. So.....

the question is how can one get and older version of IRAY+ that will work with Max2015. Obviously it won't have current features but it will work with Maxwell and Pascal based nvidia cards and be better than the "free" version the comes with those versions.

Also are there any plans for a standalone version of IRAY that would be independent of Max software versions ?

Also, Yes I'm still clinging to Win7pro