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Thread: python\commands for rhino iray?

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    Default python\commands for rhino iray?


    I'm trying to save time by using a render automation script (simply sets my settings, changes materials and renders)

    According to the iray for rhino datasheet there is python support.
    But i can't seem to find any documentation, i also can't seem to access any of the plugins functionality using rhino's python interface.

    Is there any documentation for python support or any way to activate the iray plugin using any sort of code?


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    There isn't an explicit Python API, however the general functionality is all exposed as standard Rhino commands, so you can execute them using the rhinoscriptsyntax.command method in Python. There isn't explicit documentation for this however all commands are prefixed with 'Iray', so if you just type Iray into the Rhino console line it will show the list of available commands and you can run them manually to see what they do before scripting them.

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