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Thread: Material Preview bug? Rendered Blue

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    Default Material Preview bug? Rendered Blue

    One of my co-workers was working in the material editor, dragged out a new iray+ material, and the preview rendered as blue. I tried updating the preview after changes to the parameters and it stays blue in the preview. When applied to the scene, it seems to be working fine (no blue in rendering). It was doing this for all of the iray+ materials (metal and ocean).

    Is there something we are doing wrong? My co-worker was able to make a few materials just fine just before this(see attached screenshot)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Jack,

    It looks like this happens if you have "Lighting Analysis" enabled at the time the material thumbnail is rendered. In this case we are mistakenly applying the same false colour processing to the image that we use for lighting analysis renders. I've logged this as a bug. Thanks for reporting it

    QA Engineer, Lightworks

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    Thanks Michael,

    Just checked, and that was the issue. Once you un-check the lighting analysis box, the preview goes back to normal.

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