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Thread: offset values on bitmaps backplate mesh

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    Default offset values on bitmaps backplate mesh

    hello. i've run into something curious since before/after the upgrade to v2.0 a scene i had used a backplate mesh sphere around my scene. i had two bitmaps to use as a background evnironment.

    the first bitmap was set to an offset of 0.0 - this is a spherical pano image that i created from google earth
    the second bitmap was set to an offset of 0.02 - this raised the horizon of a spherical pano image that i created from google earth

    so these are the same two bitmaps, but in the material editor, 2 different objects. i would render from the 1st floor with the 0.02 offset version and then 2nd floor with the 0.0 offset version. ie) put one bitmap with the 0.02 offset in the env background slot, then render, then put the other bitmap with the 0.0 offset in the evn background slot and render that view.

    i noticed that the backplate mesh object doesn't seem to respect the offset. if i hide the backplalte mesh object and adjust the offset i see the change in the environment background while rendering production & active shade. as soon as i unhide the backplate mesh object the horizon/offset returns to default.

    i swear it worked previously, before the v2.0 upgrade?


    edit: my solution is to simply move the backplate mesh object (the sphere) up 60ft to get the horizon to move up.

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    Hi grue,

    You may be correct about this change of behaviour. Firstly it's worth noting that we made some bug fixes in v2.0 related to how offset values were being set incorrectly when loading in materials, but this was to do with the particular values that were being set, not the ability to change them, so I don't think this is relevant.

    However, there have been a couple of changes in the Iray SDK as to whether or not backplate geometry honours all the transform parameters that can be set on the viewport backplate. It initially behaved the way it does now, then it was changed to honour more parameters, then it was changed back again to the previous version. I can't remember off the top of my head exatly which versions of Iray (and therefore which versions of our plugin) these changes would have taken effect. The problem is that there are actually cases where either behaviour makes the most sense. Ideally this behaviour would be on a switch, but unfortunately at the moment it is fixed.

    Unfortunately at the moment the only workarounds would be to move the mesh as you are doing now, or use two different bitmaps with the offset applied to the actual image itself, or to swap two different pieces of backplate geometry with different texture co-ordinates applied.

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    ok no problem. ah, right i could probably just use a texture coordinate modifer on the backplate object (sphere for me at this point). i can live with it either way!

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