So still dealing with this, I upped my pagefile settings to see if that's simply the problem, and it sort of helped? I did still once get this weird out of memory crash on opening up the NamedView panel without iRay even on, like it's trying to spawn multiple instances of the whole render model or something?

With 32GB RAM installed I've upped my maximum page file to 64GB, and at present on this file while rendering and with Chrome open now my total RAM commit is at 51.1/60 GB. My physical RAM usage is only at 50%, so my question is why is it not using more of it? What is that tens of GB of page file actually representing? Looking at the disk activity it barely seems to be virtually none while rendering, what's it for? If I upgrade to 64GB is it going to actually make a difference in speed, if that's even going to be enough to stop it from shoving that data to the page file?