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Thread: Iray 2.0 - Fixed potential bugs when converting Forest Pack materials

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    Default Iray 2.0 - Fixed potential bugs when converting Forest Pack materials

    Hi there, could someone please help with converting forest pack pro materials? i was excited to see this bug fixed with 2.0 as i have never had success converting. What is the correct material to to bring into the scene? I have tried both mental ray and standard. Neither work for me. The material seems to stay as "standard" in the material editor. Please help.
    I have the latest forest pack pro, 3ds max 2019 and latest iray 2.0

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    Maybe it's a secret...

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    I've had forest pack for a couple of days and I guess I'm having the same issue. There are 4 things that seem to happen in my scenes :
    1) the forest materials convert
    2) the forest materials don't convert but still render properly
    3) the forest materials don't convert and render grey/white
    4) the forest materials dont convert and don't show up in the rendering at all
    And its seemingly random as to which one of these outcomes I will see...
    I haven't figured out yet if there are just specific assets that are more compatible with iray than others, or if i need to develop some sort of standard work flow, like Mrtangocharlie7 alluded to - maybe start with a completely mental ray/vray scene & then convert to iray at the end? I don't know.
    Any suggestions would be helpful,

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    Please could we have a workflow or logical understanding as to what will render/ convert? A guide to a workflow or work around would be much appreciated. My understanding is that Iray should convert the standard material import. Please give this feature/ bug some love.

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    i typically make my own assets for forest pro. for example, i will create 6 blades of grass, iray materials, each blade it's own separate object - then create "Forest-GrassSmall" using a 1ft diameter circle spline (size can be adjust as needed after creating a "field of grass"). i will create a new forest object on my object or another larger spline called "Forest-GrassLargeArea" and add the geometry "Forest-GrassSmall".

    i have tall whipsy grasses like this as well as my own tree assets - all of which i have separately made iray materials for.

    finally, if you unfreeze and unhide the built-in forest objects templates, you can isolate those and change their materials from "standard" to iray. then save those as a seeparate 3ds max file so you have a group of assets (like wildflowers) that you can use anytime you want.

    one thing i have never been able to get to work is the forest material which allows tinting of individual objects within the forest object.

    also, many of the preset grasses work fine for me as is with their "standard" materials. so i never convert those.

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