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Thread: AS+ Toolbox not responding

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    Default AS+ Toolbox not responding

    hello, i just closed down 3ds max and i got a button on my taskbar that said something like IRAY + AS Toolbox not responding. it went away and 3ds max closed down just fine. i'm not noticing anyting else unusual. it's a bear of a scene with 15million polys and many many separate objects with some instances and some not. just that i have never seen that before.

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    I'm also getting this.

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    I've not seen this myself or been able to reproduce this. It sounds like there might just be a bit of a delay shutting everything down with large scenes, but hopefully this shouldn't cause any issues. The message seems to be referring to the extra bar we add below the ActiveShade window to show render progress and lighting analysis information, so this isn't anything critical to the scene or the renderer.

    If you find a method to repeat this, or find that it causes any problems, then let us know.

    QA Engineer, Lightworks

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