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Thread: Dear developers, how are things going with IRAY?

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    Exclamation Dear developers, how are things going with IRAY?

    Hello developer,

    how is it going to continue with IRAY?
    Unfortunately, I have to say that things are not really going well with the IRAY + development. one of the reasons for this is that, unfortunately, most of the major plugins are not supported, or only partially work! Unfortunately, at 50% of itoo forest still does not work!

    1. If substance player is installed, the Iray renderer will stop working!
    2. Substance cooperation with IRAY
    3. Quixel cooperation with IRAY
    4. Max internal fluid system 100% cooperation with IRAY
    5. Alembic cooperation with IRAY
    6. Hair and for cooperation with IRAY
    7. Undo feature 100% with IRAY
    8. Iray shaders + lights / IBL in nitrous viewport cooperation with IRAY
    9.OSL cooperation with IRAY
    10. Change color of lights in viewports and + Target for Iray + Lights
    11. Resource collector 100% cooperation with IRAY
    12. Bloom Filter is not in the PNG alpha channel in it
    13. spots + IES data instance copy works fine but not with copy
    14. Frozen objects and hide he still shows in final and active rendering
    15. Motion blur and motion blur with DOF together
    16. static noise pattern then it will not flicker on animation.

    Furthermore, good us current tutorials are missing!
    They are enough for other renderers!
    IRAY forum will answer only from time to time.
    This gives me and many other IRAY users the impression
    that the privileges at Lightworks seem to be different. for example: Siemens and Slipstream ......

    So you will not be very excited about many new users for IRAY +.
    those of other renderers just offer a lot more help and development !, tutorials, demo scene and and and .......

    IRAY is really a brilliant and extremely fast GPU renderer
    it is really worth it to invest some more man power for further development !!
    I still like to work with IRAY +, but it often costs me a lot of extra time to replace the non-existent external and internal tool!

    Thanks for your attention and for the upcoming version of IRAY!
    sorry for my bad englsih

    Regards Bernd

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    Hi Bernd,

    Just a quick summary on some of this.

    I believe 10 and 13 are already fixed and in the beta. They will be in the next official release, and I apologise for the delay with this.

    Undo and mixed motion blur/dof are long standing requests that we are aware of and do plan to implement. I'm sorry that I can't give you more details on the timeframe. We did initially have our own dof control that allowed this, but it was a global control and not linked to individual cameras, and therefore couldn't be linked to animatable parameters on the camera such as focus distance. This is why we moved the control to the multi-pass effect selector on the camera, but unfortunately this means you can't combine with motion blur. It's worth noting however that 3ds Max motion blur is created quite simply from stacking together multiple renders at different time points, so it would be possible to do these renders individually and combine in Photoshop (for example) to get exactly the same effect. But I appreciate this is not a smooth workflow.

    We have noted your other points, some of which we already have open for investigation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bernd Haier View Post
    Furthermore, good us current tutorials are missing!
    We do have some tutorial files and documents on the documention site. These may need updating now so we can look at that, but I'm not sure specifically what you are asking for here.

    QA Engineer, Lightworks

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