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Thread: Saved lighting/Settings setups

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    Default Saved lighting/Settings setups

    I'd like to request saving separate setups for the rendering, exposure, and environment settings. Maybe there's a hacky way of doing this already with XML files or something?

    I don't know how the workflow goes in VFX but for product design I'm trying to set up different views to render, even just of the same thing with no material variations--which is also a thing I need to do--but they still may need different exposure or a different backplate, while the actual Design is still in progress, which makes maintaining separate files with the different settings phenomenally cumbersome.

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    You should be able to script something up since there are Iray commands which allow you to set these settings. If you type 'Iray' and wait you will see a list of the available commands pop up which you can then test manually. Assuming they cover what you want then you should be able to script these types of changes with those commands.

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