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Thread: Iray Server 2.52 Released

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    Default Iray Server 2.52 Released

    Iray Server 2.52 has been released. To download you can use the Try link on the website. This version supports the following Iray releases:

    • Iray 2017.1.x
    • Iray 2018.0.x
    • Iray 2018.1.2

    If you are using an older version of Iray then you should not update your version of Iray Server.

    This version introduces farming functionality which allows you to distribute frames of animation jobs to individual servers rather than splitting each frame across the machines.

    Licensing has been switched to RLM based licensing now. Your original FLEXlm licenses will still work so there is no need to change over however if you need to migrate to a new machine please contact us for assistance.

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    Thank You!


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