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Thread: Iray for 3ds Max 1.9 is released

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    Exclamation Iray for 3ds Max 1.9 is released

    Iray for 3ds Max version 1.9 is now available for download. This release upgrades the underlying Iray engine to the latest 2018.0.2 version and has the following changes:

    • Fixed a bug where images were not saved correctly when rendering Render Elements/LPEs with backplates
    • Fixed a bug where the AI Denoiser was not working correctly with Volta cards (as described here)
    • Added controls to orient IES profiles that are applied to emissive Iray+ materials
    • Added the ability to flag Iray+ Lights as 'Matte', so they can be used in conjunction with Matte Objects
    • Support for camera clipping planes has been added
    • Bloom filter controls have been changed to be more intuitive
    • Bloom parameters are now exposed to MaxScript
    • Firefly Filter control has been re-added

    You can download installers for v1.9 from the following links:

    3ds Max 2017
    3ds Max 2018
    3ds Max 2019

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    We have now created a 1.9 installer for 3ds Max 2020. You can download the installer from the following link:

    3ds Max 2020

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