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Thread: First Iray preview takes huge time or crash

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    Default First Iray preview takes huge time or crash

    I'm actually having trouble with Iray on the first Preview, when i open a file (heavy 1GB or more) the 1st preview takes huge time sometimes more than 15min or crash directly the rhino session or sometime the all display driver which oblige me to switch off my computer as far as all screens becomes black as driver do not recover. Looking the memory graph seems to show a memory leak, as Iray log sometimes show a failure of the Graphic card.
    If Iray manage to set up and calculate the scene, then the preview scene "fluid" as the UI responsivness...

    My Spec:
    Ge force GTX970
    32G DDR3
    I7 4790K 4cores@4.00GHz
    SSD hard drive
    Windows 10 all driver up to date

    I've tried to disable OPTIX or change UI responsivness enable or disable CPU or GPU... whitout real benefit...
    Could it be possible that Iray inform that the scene is above the hardware spec or estimated the time the prepare the scene and avoid to carsh??
    The fluidity of the preview when it works seems to show that the hardware spec is able to manage large scene and so that the first scene calculation might be improve according to "small" hardware spec on large scene??

    By the way i really appreciate that Rhino material aren't created by hundreds like in the past, but still waiting improvement on Iray material displayed under Rhino display pipeline instead of white.... still have to duplicate my file (one for rendering purpose, the other for layouts...) looking forward for this great improvement which would greatly simplify my workflow.

    Best regards

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    It's fairly hard to say without knowing more but at first glance a 1GB Rhino file (especially if that is without saved meshes) could generate a lot of geometry for a 4GB GPU to handle. Are the meshes for your scene already generated or are you letting Rhino do that when rendering, if so the Iray start up time will include all of the time Rhino needs to make the meshes from the NURBS data.

    Unfortunately there is no way to predict how much memory a scene will require due to the fact that it depends not only on the amount of data but how it is structured. For example a lot of geometry spread over a large area will use a different amount of memory to a large amount over a small area. We also currently don't have a mechanism to detect the memory error other then looking in the logs (which you can do in Rhino).

    I suspect you are running out of GPU memory but you would need to review the logs to confirm that.

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