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Thread: Iray for Rhino 1.5 build 376 Released

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    Default Iray for Rhino 1.5 build 376 Released

    We are happy to announce a new update for Iray for Rhino 1.5 for Rhino 5 and 6. This is a bugfix release and has the following changes:

    • Fixed reliability issues with the Iray light listing dialog where some lights would not show up or the list would become out of sync with the scene.
    • Fixed crash when switching on and off viewport rendering after completing a production render.
    • Fixed issue where the Iray viewport would continuously reset and start rendering again when the user navigated on non-Iray views.
    • Fixed problem where UV coordinates would not match Rhino in certain cases.
    • Modifying UV mapping parameters would not trigger an update in Iray without reloading the scene. This has now been fixed.

    Please uninstall the previous release and any old NVIDIA versions of the plugin prior to installing. Future versions will do this automatically but for now you must manually uninstall. You can obtain the update through the regular Buy/Try links on the website:


    Please post any issues to the forum. Most users should update to this release as soon as possible.

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    The first time I loaded Rhino 6 with the new build it crashed, but after that it seems fine. Thanks!

    Still getting the flickering, but not on all files.

    If I try drawing a curve(other operations too but this one does show it) in V6 with the iRay view active, I get a popup about a script error, something to do with event handling.

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    Guys thank you for this update and for fixing the UV issue, it was extremelly annoying. it seems to be working great for me on rhino 6.

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