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Thread: NVIDIA vMaterial Library 1.5 released

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    Default NVIDIA vMaterial Library 1.5 released

    I am happy to announce that we have released the NVIDIA vMaterials catalog version 1.5. So if you are using vMaterials for your Iray for 3ds Max projects it is time to upgrade your library.

    There are a many new materials as well as a lot of improvements to existing materials that makes it easier and more accessible to tweak them. So please go ahead and grab the latest release from our website under

    And feel free to drop by at our vMaterials forum if you have any questions

    Best Regards,
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    cool thx you Ruediger !

    Regards Bernd

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    Out of curiosity, is there a difference between the Vmaterial library and the Lightworks iRay+ library?

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    Hi Jordan,

    The Iray+ material libraries are set up with the Iray+ layered material structure. You can load them directly as material libraries in 3ds Max and they will show up in the material editor with the layered structure visible and customisable. They're of the same structure as new Iray+ materials you might create in there from scratch. You can share these materials with other Iray applications by exporting them to MDL, but they will be condensed down to a single "blob" and you will lose the layered structure.

    The vMaterial libraries are MDL materials and will work with all Iray applications as-is. To use them with the Iray for 3ds Max plugin you will need to create an Iray+ material and import a vMaterial into it, which will then form the base layer of the Iray+ material (you can add other Iray+ layers on top of this if you wish).

    The material libraries are completely independent of each other. You will find similar materials in each, but not identical, and you may prefer one over the other. I believe the vMaterials libraries are also more extensive.

    QA Engineer, Lightworks

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