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Thread: Occlusion shader

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    Default Occlusion shader

    Is there any?
    I need it as a mask to blend between materials.

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    (Just for those who are not aware of it. Iray Interactive can render an ambient occlusion canvas.)

    Iray can't compute an occlusion value which is used as input in one pass. The only solution is to bake an occlusion mask and use this as input texture in a second render pass.

    Does the effect you want to achieve require the occlusion value?
    If not, it might be that there is a workaround (ifmState?).

    Can we have more details about what you try to achieve?

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    I need it in shader network, so occlusion pass wont work in this case.
    Its pretty standard workflow, where you blend between two materials
    with occlusion node, connecting it in blend weight.
    I would like to hear about potential workaround.

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    I am sorry. Iray/MDL does not allow for occlusion values in material networks.

    While it would be great to have this possibility, it somehow contradicts the material model of Iray as defined with MDL.
    With MDL materials are specified independent of the environment/lighting they are placed. Real materials usually do not depend on how much they are occluded.

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