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Thread: Iray for Maya - Tips and Tricks

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    Default Iray for Maya - Tips and Tricks

    Hello and welcome to Iray for Maya - Tips and Tricks!

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    Default Motion Vectors with Bifrost

    Motion vectors of bifrost do not work, if Motion Vector Color Set is set to the default value "bifrostVelocity".
    It has to be "bifrost_velocity".

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    Default Hair Rendering

    Setting up a hair material graph just using the MDL material nodes of Iray for Maya takes a lot of time.

    This mdl file contains a simple material for hair modeled with polygons.

    Feedback is welcome!

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    Default Hardware Recommendation

    This one is well known by a lot of Maya users, but I still write this recommendation in a lot of support emails.

    We recommend a dual graphic card configuration for Iray for Maya workstation. The first one running the displays can be a smaller one and is switched off for Iray rendering. It just needs to render e.g. Maya's viewports smoothly. The second one is dedicated for Iray rendering and should satisfy your Iray rendering requirements (mainly GPU memory).

    While IPR only the second GPU should be switched on as Iray resource. This will give you the smallest response times.

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    Default Hardware Recommendation / Note 1

    Here is a short note on the given hardware recommendations.

    Recently we figured out that Maya may use the second GPU (no display attached) for OpenGL rendering as well. This makes Maya sluggish during IPR.

    This behavior can be changed using the "NVIDIA Control Panel". There is a setting called "OpenGL rendering GPU" in "3D Settings -> Manage 3D settings". The default value is "Auto-select" and has to be changed to the first GPU (display attached). This setting can be done globally ("Global Settings") or just for Maya ("Program Settings").

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