Hello and welcome to the Iray for Maya forum.

This forum is the central point by which we communicate to the Iray for Maya plugin community. We look forward to all your posts including your tips, insights, issues, ideas, opinions, examples, and requests for assistance. We hope to collaborate with you and build a community of professionals on all things Iray.

This forum takes over from that previously hosted by NVIDIA. All postings on that forum were transferred here as a read-only archive: Iray Plugins Archive. The transfer took place on 20th November 2017, so postings there between that date and now are have not been copied over.
For more information see this NVIDIA announcement.

Please check out the following links:
  • Iray for Maya – Gallery to show off your latest Iray renderings.
  • The vMaterials forum for NVIDIA verified Iray materials.
  • The Iray Server forum for info on remote rendering in Iray.
  • Download the 30-day trial or Buy direct.

Latest Product Versions:
Iray for Maya 2018 1.6
Iray for Maya 2017 1.6
Iray for Maya 2016 1.6

  • Version 1.6 is the last version released under the Nvidia label.
  • This new version includes the latest version of Iray, which adds support for Volta GPUs.
  • This version is branded with the Nvidia logo and doesn’t have a new licensing.
  • The next version will be branded with the new Iray plugin logo and includes a new licensing mechanism.