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Thread: Iray for 3ds Max - Gallery

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    I made more furniture and shopping carts for the Jysk.

    You couldn't see them in yesterday's image because of the cars, so I rendered them out at a different angle.

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    Took a little break. I wanted to finish another environment I've been sitting on for a year. I will be getting back to the two Mississauga Environments soon after.

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    More warehouse progress. Everytime I feel like "this is enough" I still decide to keep adding more stuff. I guess I really enjoy pushing Iray to its absolute limit.

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    I'm still adding more new stuff to my warehouse. However, I've also hit diminishing returns. The newer props are getting harder to see without resorting to multiple renders.
    There's only a few more models I wish to add but after that, I'm finally moving on.

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    Here is the final modeling for my warehouse. I completely pushed my GTX 960 to the limit and I'm weary of adding anymore props without exceeding my VRAM limit.

    In addition, i remodeled my ceiling lights. I guesstimated my first ones but I found a better warehouse lighting fixture reference.

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    New warehouse work.

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    I've finally textured my robot.

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    Another robot done (oh yes, there's two of them!)

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    Time for some garbage.

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    Preparing for final render.

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