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Thread: MDL path Comp error - 3D Max

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    cobus Guest

    Exclamation MDL path Comp error - 3D Max

    Hi, i have installed the vMaterials for 3D MAX 2018, running iRay 1.4. I have added the folder(s) to the user paths, using UNC, mapped as well as local paths as tests, but I keep getting these error when opening libraries:

    1.0 MDLC comp error: could not find module '::nvidia::vMaterials::AEC::Carpet::Carpet_Grid' in module path
    ERR 4003: The module "::nvidia::vMaterials::AEC::Carpet::Carpet_Gri d" was not found or failed to compile.
    Failed to create material definition for 'mdl::nvidia::vMaterials::AEC::Carpet::Carpet_Grid ::carpet_grid_black' - could not parse definition file.
    Failed to create material layer 'mdl::nvidia::vMaterials::AEC::Carpet::Carpet_Grid ::carpet_grid_black' - could not parse layer definition file

    Any advice.


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    cobus Guest


    Resolved...somehow paths were not mapping to network install, installed as default and all working, will look into network issue alter.


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