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Thread: Photometric light (IES) not working when there is a sky portal

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    willytsw30 Guest

    Default Photometric light (IES) not working when there is a sky portal


    I have put all nights with an IES files in there and they were rendered just fine.
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    But i am trying to render the same view with the sun and also the photometric light but it turns out weird.
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    I have been a lot of posts about jamming up the intensity of the light and adjust the exposures.

    I havent adjusted the light yet because it s not something I wanna adjust since they are actual light fixtures. At the same time, it seems none of the light on the lower level is rendered, kinda like turn off. If the intensity of the light is the key to it, how is it possible that only the bottom level got "turned off"?

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    Jay Axe Guest


    Hi willytsw30,

    Are you referencing the mr Sky Portal? This is a feature of Mental ray for 3ds Max. This forum is for Iray+ for 3ds Max.

    Could you please confirm which version of 3ds Max you are using and renderer?

    If you are using Mental Ray, would you consider re-posting here:


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    MichaelBellamy Guest


    Hi Willy,

    Assuming you are using Iray+ for 3ds Max, and also that you are using the PhysicalSky lighting environment, be aware that this is all physically-based and so the sun is many, many times brighter than a typical indoor light fitting. If you have adjustted the tone mapper exposure to suit the brightness of the sun then the light fittings may be too dim to be visible in the final image. You are dealing with a very high dynamic range.

    You can try setting the Highlight Recovery slider on the tone mapper all the way up to 1.0. This will reduce the harshness of the sunlight and allow you to increase the exposure a little. But you may have to "cheat" and make the lights artificially bright.


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